Celebrity Spotlight

See how celebrities have joined our movement to empower people to express themselves both artistically and intellectually. through the charitable programs that TZURI proudly supports.


Creative individuals, artists, and celebrities recognize that TZURI transcends the realm of mere adornment; it embodies a profound sense of empowerment. In the eyes of these visionaries, TZURI's creations are not just jewelry; they are conduits for self-expression, encapsulating the very essence of empowerment through artistry.

It began with a pencil

The story that began with a single pencil. The power of expression is embodied in the design aesthetics of every TZURI piece and the brand's statement, the pencil is mightier than the sword is symbolic of the movement to encourage expression over conflict.

Brand ambassadors play a pivotal role in advancing this movement, aligning themselves with TZURI's vision to promote the might of expression. By embracing TZURI's jewelry, brand ambassadors become advocates of the brand's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and encouraging individuals to find strength in their unique voices. As representatives of the brand, they amplify the message that self-expression is not only an art form but a powerful force for positive change. Through the partnership with brand ambassadors, TZURI elevates its mission, making the pencil's mightier-than-the-sword philosophy a beacon that shines brightly in the world of fashion, art, and culture. Together, they propel the movement forward, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of expression.

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